Beer, food and new friends….


8421296209_74cd10aab8_zA little over a year ago, I was lucky enough to be in sitting in a café in Miami. I’d just finished studying at Miami Ad School and I had a newly found best friend David. We talked for ages about our interest in adland, communications, brands, design and (as nerdy as this sounds), it was a revelation. I was (a) actually talking to somebody who understood what the I did for a living and (b) was nice (c) enjoyed what he did.

A year went by and we came back over to London, we got jobs and we got busy, but we haven’t stopped being friends as well as getting together and sharing our favourite bits about the industry with each other. I have found that having a planner buddy is one the most amazing things you can have in this slightly crazy industry. You get to ask them all the weird questions that anyone normal would just raises a quizzical eyebrow at before swiftly change the subject. They can share in the neurosis and victory dances that come with the kind of work we do.

Everyone should have a planner buddy, but why stop at one?

We’ve been talking a lot about some of the other young planner types we’ve met over the last year (who are genuinely nice) and thought it might be fun to get a few of them together every once in a while – a bit like a Supper Club. The real aim is to meet start build a little network of other nice bright young things who would get along (without the pressure of a formal APG or IPA thing). Friends, friends of friend, people we admire from different agencies – people who may follow us, who we do not yet even know.

At this stage we’re think maybe about 10 people, who would like to hangout, eat and chat (naturally get pretty drunk). One day if it kicks off, we might experiment with a theme but for now we thought it’d be fun to just get together and meet. If you are interested  it would be great if you would like to join us!

Please RSVP to me at georgia[at] if you would like to come. To scope out peoples timetables please let me know if you can do  Wednesday 28th May or Thursday 29th May. The date with the most votes wins!

Look forward to meeting you.

Why monsters are interest and why enemies are not

Oldie but a goodie, Adam talking about framing your missions with monsters.

Morning Glory

This morning I took part in a Morning Rave. I got up at 6am, smothered myself in glitter and danced my way through till 10am, with 600 odd other equally over excitable people. It was a very sweaty affair and my face hurt from smiling and my feet hurt from dancing (like a crazy lady) by the end.

This is becoming a huge success in London (now spreading beyond the UK I believe) and is proof if ever I have seen it that finding fame can be as simple as observing the conventions of your category and  flipping, even the simplest or most obvious ones, on their head ie club nights at night.



Learning week (2days) at eatbigfish




We have just finished a two day intensive download of all the best stuff interviews eatbigfish have done over the past year.

1 Day on A Beautiful Constraint. The new book that Mark and Adam are currently writing on the effect of constraints on innovation (FYI its going to be totally brilliant).

1 Day on the Challenger project.

Both totally bloody amazing and action packed with examples that we immediately wanted to send to various clients. More to follow as my brain absorbs.


Reasons I love Brighton

Graffiti advice in every bathroom.


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Alain de Botton: On the news

2014-02-09 11.23.55-1

Last week was the biggest and most cult like morning with The School of Life as Alain De Botton the schools founder took to the stage an shared his view of the news as part of the Sunday Sermon Series.

I love a fake intellectual cult. The atmosphere is zingy and almost always (the good ones anyway) have some form of singing. For the Topic of News of course we sang Gaga – Paparazzi. So many levels of genius.

As with every good cult, it has also made me look at the world completely differently since. Specifically looking at many of our news station as copping-out when it comes to really help change the world with the news.

Two truths really resonated and I think are both powerful for news but also to anyone who ultimately wants to ‘spread the news’.

One we are all empathetic and emotional creatures, yet we happily (probably easily is a better word) watch stories of 1,000′s of people being killed whilst eating dinner, we then have a glass of wine in the bath then go to bed. Not a tear shed.

Not because we are bad people but because nobody thought to tell us before the event that these people even existed or whats missing from the world now they are gone. And being told they have suddenly died, well we just don’t know what we are supposed to do with that information. So we don’t jump from our seats and set about making a change, or have an emotional breakdown every evening at 10pm,  we just don’t really care.At the most we feel dependent and pour a little more wine into our glasses, tut and move on. Even though we are highly emotional beings and most of us are very nice very empathic people. We do nothing.

So point one is that actually a no brainier but we really do always need to let people understand why they should care. Not intellectually but emotionally – if we want people to engage or even change they must be able to feel moved.

The second thing that struck and upset me was the ‘good news’ (not actual good news but the kind intellectuals are drawn to), the BBC for example, see the best kind of news as fact and not opinion. They hero facts. They put the facts on the pedestal and guess what, yet again we have no idea what to do with them (so sip of wine/move on). The BBC is so scared of giving an opinion they would probably bring Jimmy Savile supporters on their show when debating paedophiles – just so its fair and unbias. Cant we just say paedophiles  are scum?

De Botton asks why should this be the best form of news? Do you take us all as idiots that will blindly follow the opinions we are told. Regardless of whether we agree with it or not. PLEASE GIVE US MORE CREDIT. In fact if you give me an opinion you are demanding that I create one of my own, you’re demanding I engage – for or against you.

Opinions are hard, especially in the world of minute-to-minute news  (but also life in general) because you gave to commit and stick your neck out. But maybe the more we do it the less we fear it.

That’s my opinion anyway.


You can see the full talk here and I highly recommend it as, although you dint get my beautiful singing you do get De Botton’s super sharp  whit and wisdom in spades.

Also check out as during the week the Daily mail gets pulled apart and spliced back together using philosophy.


And my favorite magazine Delayed Gratification from the Slow Journalism Company. A beautiful quarterly look at the what was really important vs. what was just TV fodder.


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I met Alistair Campbell today

Two things…

1) Politicans are far more fun in person

2) If you can get your philosophy for winning into a two hour speech onto a single piece of paper I think you are on to a winner. If you can read it later though that’s a double win…


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Spark London

2014-02-17 20.48.08

I have become quite frankly, utterly obsessed by The Moth podcast and the beauty of sitting down to listen to someone elses story. It is now one of my go to podcasts with; This American life, Freakonomics, Snap Judgment, 99% Invisible, All things considered, Monocle radio, The Infinite Monkey Cage, The New Yorker fiction, Moral Maze….

(This list proves to me that I want to put the Beeb in my pocket and move back to America)

Anyway, one night  last year after listening to a couple of hours of the Moth back catalogue, I sat down and wrote a plan of how you could do the same in London.

Thankfully the Joanna Yates began Spark London in December 2007 so I can tell listen and tell stories without having to organise anything more than what I want for dinner when I get to the venue.

So for the last few months I, and every friend I can drag along, have been going to Spark London it has much the same format as the Moth and with all the added bonus of being able to see the faces and gestures of the storytellers.

The one amazing thing that has really struck me, other than how interesting everyone is that it is a hugely refreshing shift in my and the rooms mindset. In a world where dog eat dog is dirty language but utterly endemic, especially when you are young and wanting to scrabble up the greasy pole.

The Spark audience offer

No judgement.

No competition.

Just a deeply willing for perfect strangers success.


Amazing what a story can do. Show why everyones blogging about it so bloody much.


New year new job (sort of) I am now in charge of following Adam and being his small girly shadow. If it means more emails like this it is going to be another really great year.

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Essex Students’ Union rebrand goes live

I have been horribly horribly quiet over the last few months on the blog.

I promise this is not because I got lazy (although I am) it was because, since October, I found myself with not one but two amazing, but very much full time, jobs.

As well as my day job at eatbigfish I have been working with my partner and friend Toby Brown to rebrand Essex University Students’ Union. There has been many many a long night and I cannot remember what a weekend feels like. but it was all entirely worth it as this week the students came back to Uni, after the Christmas break, and there for them, in all its glory, was the their brand new SU. All three campuses, 4 shops, newspaper, 2 nightclubs, 3 pubs and 3 restaurants and rather randomly a hairdressers.

The project was most fascinating for how amazingly the students involved themselves in the process and how amazingly they took ideas as an organisation and ran with them. What out world the kids are coming!

Once we have slept and rekindled important relationships Toby and I will be building up a case study – so watch this space. But for now here is a couple of snapshots from their Facebook page on day 1.

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and finally our own beer tap….